Meet Our Therapists

Our Licensed Massage Therapists share many years of combined experience and hold certifications by the  Virginia State Board of Health Professions.  We each customize sessions to suit the individual client, and an hour massage at Meadowbrook means a FULL 60 minutes of professional treatment. Learn more about each of us below.










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Yoshie Perez, LMT founded Meadowbrook Massage in 2011 with the intention of keeping a small practice of one.  With 19 years of experience, unending passion for her work, and a desire to never again work at a desk, she set out to use the skills she had acquired around the globe to provide a nurturing oasis, an opportunity for those in pain or feeling the burden of daily/life stress to find lasting relief and decompress.  Word traveled

quickly, and soon the need for, literally, more helping hands arose.  After a lengthy search for just the right fit and matching passion, we now have a beautifully balanced team of 6 Licensed and experienced Massage Therapists, each with their own unique gifts to offer.  We look forward to helping you find such blissful balance in your own life through listening, caring, and hands-on healing.  Note: Yoshie is not currently taking new clients as of 2019.

Rachel Ledford, LMT Rachel has 14 years of experience in which time she's seen it all!  Rachel beautifully adapts her work to help each client with his/her individual massage therapy needs.  Using the many tried and true modalities she has in her tool belt, she is able to use a combination of techniques to provide a balanced, healing experience.  Rachel's finely tuned skills include deep tissue massage, sports massage, myofascial release, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, prenatal massage, and her signature foot reflexology treatments. What her clients are saying: "As usual, I had a fantastic experience with my massage. Rachel was fantastic and is a perfect addition to your team." (via Square feedback)

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Our Philosophy

We wish to provide you with essential balance with an affordable, customized approach to overall health and wellness. Meadowbrook Massage Therapy offers a variety of proven techniques to individually treat an extensive list of illnesses and injuries, chronic pain, decreased range of motion, and relieve physical and emotional stress by some of the most talented Massage Therapists in Cville and around.